Meet Mark Olthuis - Director


With 20 years in the Maritime IT and connectivity industry, Mark joined Castor in 2014 after his company Watum Solutions was acquired by Castor Marine. With his love for technology, Mark is our go-to Tech Guru.

First job of your career?

During my high school days I worked as a Sailor on a tugboat. After obtaining my HBO I was an IT Manager where I was responsible for the Office IT and Internet for a large German Offshore Company. 

Why did you choose a career in the IT / Maritime industry?

As the son of a sailor, the sea and the Maritime Industry have always been appealing to me. 
Sailing the Seas was not something I saw for myself but with my knowledge in IT and passion for people I knew that I was best suited to deploy systems on ships that improve life for those on-board and allowing efficient management of the ship from the office.

Describe the main objectives within your role at Castor Marine?

My main objective within Castor Marine is to provide our customers and partners with the best possible service experience in a personal way.

What unique value does Castor bring to Maritime Offshore customers?

We offer a unique combination of high quality services and skilled people to handle the service and installation of IT, Satcom, TV and Survey needs on offshore vessels and rigs in a timely manner.

We once completed an installation within 24 hours during a port call from an offshore vessel. The installation included CCTV, VHF, ClearCom, IT systems and VSAT.  

What has been your greatest career achievement?

Every happy customer!  Without them, what is a business really? For me, customer satisfaction and continuously exceeding their expectations are what I strive for daily.

What do you like most about your job?

The design and implementation of SMART and cost-effective IT / SATCOM solutions based on client requirements.

Your favorite quote?

“Make the unexpected happen.”

Describe yourself in a few words?

Team Player
Customer orientated



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