Starlink Support Service 

Castor Marine provides installation and technical support for customers that require a Maritime Starlink service. The service includes:

- Advise on the position to install the two Starlink Maritime antennas
- Installation of the Starlink antennas
- Integration of the Starlink service with the customer network
- Managed FortiNet Firewall
- Castor portal displaying Starlink service speed, volume and availability
- Communication and follow-up with Starlink about issues on behalf of the customer
- Optional: implementation of network fail-over to VSAT, L-band

Starlink Maritime price and coverage

The Starlink Maritime service for shipping is priced at 10,000 USD for the Starlink Maritime kit and 5,000 USD per month for the service. Please check the Starlink Maritime coverage map if the service is technical available for the required coverage area.

Commercial availability in Europe

Starlink Maritime was on 6 September only approved for use in the US. General expectation is that the service will be commercially available soon in Europe.


Starlink doesn’t offer a Service Level Agreement and does not guarantee speeds and uninterrupted use of services. Starlink has “performance goals” that can be amended from time to time. General Exclusions state that “At the time of delivery, the Starlink Kit should be able to connect customers to the Services and to remain intact and operable for a minimum of 12 months after delivery” … and “the Starlink Kit will eventually become technologically obsolete. From time to time, customers may need to purchase a newer model for optimal Services. SpaceX may change these Starlink Specifications, the Starlink Kit (including delivered devices via software updates), Services, and Services plans from time to time. Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of Services are not guaranteed.”


Best Effort Service: Starlink prioritizes network resources for Starlink Maritime users at sea and on terrestrial waters. Starlink Maritime service is provided on a best effort basis; stated speeds and uninterrupted use of services are not guaranteed. Starlink is not intended or registered for use as a Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) service at this time. Coastal Waters: Starlink for Maritime should only be used in territorial waters where licensing is either held by SpaceX or the end user.

Maritime Kit

Starlink for Maritime includes two Starlink High Performance Terminals for redundancy and obstruction mitigation. Both Starlinks will have an active connection in case part of the vessel is obstructing the view of the Starlink satellites. For example, users can install each Starlink dish on either side of the ships mast. For best performance, each Starlink should be installed in an above deck area with a completely unobstructed view of the sky. The Starlink High Performance Dish specs can be found here. Starlink Maritime also comes with 2 Starlink Pipe Adapters. Weights and dimensions of the Starlink Pipe Adapter can be seen in the Starlink Accessories.

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