Starlink is a High-speed, low-latency internet with up to 350/40Mbps while at sea 

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Castor Marine is an Authorized Reseller of Starlink Maritime services, a breakthrough technology enabling digitalization, remote working, and enhancing Internet experience onboard.

  • Starlink can be integrated with existing VSAT, LTE (4G/5G), Iridium, and Fleetbroadband connectivity to create seamless service
  • Starlink is a cost-effective alternative to replace LTE (4G/5G) services without range limitations
  • As you only need a small antenna, Starlink can replace costly Fleetbroadband subscriptions onboard while offering 100 times higher speeds and volumes for the same budget
  • Allows to reduce VSAT bandwidth and costs, while keeping VSAT as a back service and for locations not served by Starlink

Ordering Starlink from Castor Marine guarantees premium support, seamless integration, and a normal invoicing and billing process. Castor Marine is your one-stop shop provider for an integrated connectivity solution combing Starlink with VSAT, Iridium, Fleetbroadband, LTE (4G/5G), and Tampnet as a Managed SD-WAN service.

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Starlink Maritime kit

The Starlink Maritime Kit consists of one or two Flat High-Performance Starlink antennas (57.5x51.1cm) with a wedge mount. The Starlink Maritime Premium Kit consists of two Starlink antennas for redundancy and obstruction mitigation.  The Starlink antenna and power supply are water jet and dust-resistant (IP56). Up to 6 Starlink antennas can be combined on a vessel or rig to provide a 900/60 Mbps service.

 Starlink Maritime Service Plans
  • Premium Plan with 5 TB priority access data

When priority access data volume cap is reached, the Starlink service is throttled to 1/1 Mbps unless additional Priority Access is purchased. Throttled services can result in degradation or unavailability of certain services or applications, such as streaming video, gaming, or other bandwidth-intensive applications.

Starlink Maritime Service Performance Goals

Starlink service doesn’t come with a Service Level Agreement, instead Starlink has set goals it aims to achieve

Service package

Service availability

Latency from vessel to teleport

Expected download

Expected upload




60-250 Mbps

10-30 Mbps


Starlink Maritime Coverage

Starlink Maritime services coverage is expanding rapidly now covering Europe, the USA, the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic crossing between Europe and North and South America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and part of South East Asia.

Coverage in territorial waters depends on the licensing status of Starlink in the country.

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