LEO - Low Earth Orbit

What is Low Earth Orbit for marine?

In as early as 2023/2024, Castor Marine will be able to offer the latest in satellite service development: Low Earth Orbit (LEO). LEO internet services. LEO Satellite services brings latency down to local fiber level and is even faster than international fiber networks. Check out the video about low latency comparison between LEO, Fiber, MEO (Medium Orbit satellite such as O3B) and GEO (Traditional geo stationary satellite).

Our future LEO satellite service is based on Telesat’s new Lightspeed Network. A satellite constellation with satellites that are spinning ~1,000 kms from earth which is ~35 times closer than traditional satellites. This results in low latency. With Low Earth Orbit satellite service we are able to offer fiber quality throughput and speed such as Gbps links.

We offer Low Earth Orbit services based on the Telesat satellite network

Why will Castor offer LEO services based on Telesat Lightspeed network while there are also other planned LEO satellite networks? There are five reasons:

  1. Telesat has acquired global spectrum rights.
  2. They have the required funding to launch the satellite network, whereas most others are still requiring funding rounds.
  3. They have test satellites already in orbit.
  4. They provide an open architecture system, meaning it is not a plain vanilla end-to-end (consumer) service which Castor can only resell, we buy a network and build services tailored to the maritime segments we serve.
  5. Castor has a long-term relationship with Telesat in providing traditional VSAT services via their satellites, it is not a start-up

Low Earth Orbit for offshore market

The offshore market will benefit from a high throughput and low latency service. The latter allows for real-time data transfer between automated vessels, platforms and on-shore control centers, it allows experts to work from shore remotely instead of begin physically present on a vessel or platform, and it opens up opportunities for operational automation and new business models off-shore.

Low Earth Orbit for commercial shipping and superyacht and cruise market

Well-known issues in Commercial shipping are the hurdles of high latency and limited satellite resilience for autonomous shipping. For commercial shipping, the greatest benefit will be that maritime Low Earth Orbit service allows for operational automation. In the Superyacht and Cruise market Low Earth Orbit service will bring high performing broadband to owners and guests, delivering a user experience that can compete with advanced terrestrial networks anywhere in the world.

Benefits of LEO satellite service

One of the key issues with regular satellite connectivity on water is high latency. Low Earth Orbit satellite service fixes this problem and results in the following benefits:

  • Websites load faster
  • Data are processed faster between locations
  • Cloud applications and ERP systems work seamlessly on vessels and remote locations
  • Experts have remote control over devices and machines
  • High Throughput
  • Low Cost
  • Low Latency
  • Global Connectivity
  • Plug & Play
  • Secure & Resilient

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