The complete package for your maritime IT solutions

Castor Marine is your VSAT network operator and your IT service provider. We offer you the complete package for your maritime IT solutions. We're experienced, reliable and know what you need. From the advice and design of the IT infrastructure to continuous maintenance of the network - you can count on us, wherever you are.


IT network design

We design custom IT solutions and network connections for your ship or vessel to improve the performance. We optimize dependencies between IT, entertainment and all other systems. 


We offer the best connectivity and IT solutions and will install the hardware for you in any harbor in the world.


We will install the connectivity and IT software for you and provide continuous support afterwards.

Service and maintenance

We provide administrative and maintenance services for all IT issues on your ship.

Unbeatable support
We wil assist you 24/7, wherever you are at sea.
Always online
We reduce risk and provide predictability to ensure you of global connectivity.
Reliable connectivity
We provide reliable and secure Internet using 4G LTE and VSAT systems.
Full service
If something goes wrong, we will fix it immediately. Leave it up to us.

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