Global connection: Iridium OpenPort

Iridium OpenPort delivers global broadband voice and data for all maritime operations and communications. Iridium pilot ensures you of an uninterrupted global connection by promising exceptional performance under any condition. It is both a primary source of communication and an ideal back-up for your Maritime VSAT service. Moreover, the long-lasting equipment - meaning decades - is easy to install and repair. After all, it is designed to survive the harsh weather and temperature conditions at sea, whilst maintaining maximum connectivity. Also the pricing that we offer for Iridium OpenPort is always fair, and proportional to the benefits that you enjoy.

Iridium OpenPort pricing
Ship with Iridium Openport connection

3 main benefits of Iridium OpenPort

  1. Reliable and durable - Powered by the world’s furthest reaching network, Iridium Pilot is the only reliable truly global connection for broadband voice and data maritime communications – delivering exceptional performance, durability and value, everywhere on the planet.
  2. Access to 24/7 professional support  - We offer global and around-the-clock remote and onboard customer service. Our team is available for quick technical questions as well as new installations and planned maintenance. Our technicians are highly experienced and are qualified to work on ships.
  3. Various data plans to suit your needs for favorable pricing - We offer a range of voice and data plans for different needs and budgets. Iridium OpenPort pricing can be based on a fixed contract or month-to-month commitment, specified to your needs. Also, you can choose specific areas or regions to include or exclude.


Dedicated team of technical experts
Our support team can assist you 24/7, wherever you are - you can count on us
Extra solution: Voyager Platform
A data management solution that fully integrates all of your IT services for optimal and reliable connectivity
Worldwide coverage
We know what you need, from hardware to various frequency services for transoceanic coverage
Castor Marine is part of your team
We cater to the needs of shipping, offshore and yachting and have been doing so for many years

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