Inmarsat Fleetbroadband airtime as a backup for maritime VSAT internet services

Inmarsat FleetBroadband is a backup service for maritime VSAT services. Our FleetBroadband airtime packages provide a reliable L-band connection for Internet use, such as for your crew to use email and communication apps - as well as providing connectivity in areas where Ku-band can't reach. Inmarsat Fleetbroadband is a maritime satellite service that is dependable and available across all oceans.

Inmarsat Fleetbroadband airtime
Onboard and remote support
We can provide remote support when out at sea or meet you in a specific harbor or terminal
Voyager platform
We offer a unique monitoring interface in addition to our connectivity services
From basic low-cost connectivity solutions to the fastest Internet
We offer different types of connectivity maritime solutions for yachts, large ships and vessels
Multi-service provider
We provide maritime solutions that are safe, reliable and suitable for all budgets

Inmarsat FleetBroadband: key features

•    Always-on data service with access to email, the Internet and social and communication apps, like weather reporting. 
•    SMS and GSM calls, including crew calls. If you have the option FB500 or FB250 you can make and receive calls with your own prepaid SIM card from your own phone. With the crew calls you can choose between prepay and post-paid options available. 
•    Streaming function: this is only for FB250 and FB500. You can access various live applications, such as video conferencing and database synchronisation.
•    Direct landline high-quality voice service like voice mail. You have different functions as block incoming and/or outgoing calls, send your call to your landline to another phone of your choosing and identificy the caller.
•    Is your ship in distress? The 505 Emergy Calling function allows you to contact the Maritime Rescue Co-ordination center directly.
•    Satellite voice. This Inmarsat Multi-voice service gives you access to nine simultaneous lines at FB500 and FB250. With FB150 this is 3 lines.
•    Fax service, which is supported by G3 and G4 fax. G3 is only suitable for FB150. It can be used for daily business activities such as fishing boats that can report their catch.

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