Unlimited usage with Maritime VSAT internet

Castor Marine VSAT offers a High Speed internet service with excellent NOC and onboard support. Unique about our Maritime Ku-band and Thor7 Ka-band service is that it comes with our Voyager Platform services providing insight in, and control over, which applications use the Maritime internet services. Our VSAT internet provides optimization of vessel operations, enhancement of crew welfare and for safety on board. Which segments do we serve?

Castor Marine VSAT services are provided to Offshore Vessels and Rigs, European and Global Shipping companies, Superyachts and River Cruise operators. Maritime VSAT services can be sourced as stand-alone services or as part of an integrated solution including 3G 4G LTE and L-band back-up services combined with on-board professional IT services.

    Global Maritime Ku-band VSAT

    Castor Marine offers flexible and scalable Ku-band VSAT service packages based on our own VSAT network and infrastructure. Our Global Ku-band Service require minimal 83cm antenna whereas are regional services are serving also 60cm antennas.

    In key shipping areas we provide coverage using multiple satellites providing alternative line-of-sight options for vessels with single antenna set-ups. We truly guarantee minimum user throughput speeds 100% and differentiate ourselves in providing high burst speeds. Castor Ku-band plans are available from 512/128 kbps up to 20/5 Mbps.

    Unbeatable support
    We wil assist you 24/7, wherever you are at sea.
    Always online
    We reduce risk and provide predictability to ensure you of global connectivity.
    Reliable connectivity
    We provide reliable and secure Internet using 3G/4G LTE and VSAT systems.
    Full service
    If something goes wrong, we will fix it immediately. Leave it up to us.

    Regional Thor7 Ka-band VSAT

    The regional Thor7 Ka-band VSAT services are based on the high throughput satellite Thor-7 Satellite covering the North Atlantic/Norwegian sea, Black sea, Persian Gulf, Caspian Sea and the Mediterranean. Thor7 Ka-band plans are available for 60cm and 100cm antennas from 512/128 kbps up to 20/5 Mbps.

    Thor 7 Ka-band



    Benefits of our Maritime VSAT

    • Flexibility to adjust the service to your requirements whenever needed
    • As VSAT Network Operator we are able to truly guarantee outstanding
      service levels
    • Our Marine VSAT connection is cost effective, with extensive coverage
    • World-wide onboard support by our HUET and BOSIET certified IT and
      VSAT engineers
    • Online portal providing insight in usage, signal levels, technical information
      and location
    • Our Voyager platform provides precise, real-time insight into individual
      applications and control of applications

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