Meet Raymon Lubbers - Sales Director


With multiple years of knowledge, Raymon joined Castor this year with the acquisition of his Company, Digital Sea Innovations, which specialized in satellite, 4G communications, SD-WAN and Innovation in the maritime industry which mainly focussed on the offshore wind and survey markets.

Describe your main objectives within Castor.

It is my objective to make sure our company targets are met through the activities of myself and our sales team in the direct maritime market. My main goal is to drive sales force productivity by extracting the best performance from each individual account manager and of course myself. 

What unique value does Castor bring to Maritime Offshore customers?

I think that our unique value is very simple: bring business critical and proven quality IT and connectivity solutions to people around the globe while they’re at sea! It sounds almost boring, but we manage our network every day at the highest level possible to keep our customers satisfied.

What area challenged you the most in sales and how did you overcome it?

Competition is very hard in our market. The other day I called a customer and asked if he could work with my offer. He told me that he was having a hard time to decide, because he had 11 different offers for only 1 vessel. Of course, this is extreme. But, any healthy balance between demand and supply in our market is gone and most competitors are trying to win on price. Sometimes even buying customers by offering below cost. And, more and more people are calling our services a “commodity”. To convince people that it is not only about price and that we are everything except a commodity, is the most challenging task we have in sales. 

To overcome these barriers, I intend to ask questions and really try to understand the problem the customer has. This way, we have developed unique propositions or customer relationships that aim to be part of the daily operation of the customer. Solutions that show the importance of reliable connectivity so customers are aware of the fact that what we do is of vital importance to make sure their vessels can depend on connectivity and data driven applications at sea around the globe.

Describe yourself in 4 words

Innovative, reliable, competitive, positive thinker. 

Tell us more about your first job in your career.

I was technical commercial advisor at a decorative coatings company where I advised architects, construction companies and real estate companies in the field of surface protection (wood/steel/mineral surfaces).  

What is the best motivator for a sales team?

Good question. People tend to think that money, KPI’s and results are key drivers for a sales team. But respect, being involved and acknowledgment are the basic elements on which a sales team will achieve beyond expectation.   

Explain your understanding of the market as you see it now and the direction it may take in the future?

Our market is very turbulent now. The price erosion of recent years in combination with the covid-19 crisis has unfortunately caused many companies to struggle, go chapter 11 or even go bankrupt. 
For the people concerned, this is terrible of course. But it brings the balance between offer and demand back to a normal level. I think this is only the beginning and that the market will be divided between only a few specialized IT companies that act as a one-stop-IT-shop focussed on the offshore market. 
Although this looks like a negative development, this way companies like ours can really focus on the maritime industry and develop true added value services that meet the growing demand for bandwidth, cyber security, applications and innovation that offshore companies have.  

In the long run, influences like autonomous vessels, remote operations, big data and blockchain depend on connectivity of course. They will drive the need for bandwidth to even higher levels. And not only from traditional Ku/Ka-band or LTE/4G carriers, but new technologies like 5G and LEO will play a big role in the digitization of the offshore industry. I think we will play an important role in facilitating these technologies and that together with our expertise in onboard IT, our IP engineers and Network Operating Center we will become an even more innovative and strategic partner for shipping companies around the globe. 


Raymon is looking forward to extending and building new relationships, keep in touch with him on e-mail or connect with him on LinkedIn

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