Installation of a Moxa NPort 5450 for three Acta Marine vessels

We've just finished the installation of a Moxa NPort 5450 for three Acta Marine vessels, namely for the Coastal Legend, Coastal Liberty and Sara Maatje IV. These ships are respectively two offshore supply ships and a passenger ship. What's remarkable about them is that these vessels (overall length of the Coastal Legend and the Coastal Libery is 43 meters and the Sara Maartje IV is 20 meters long) can sail through water with a depth of only seventy centimeters. Because these vessels were in operation, we had to spread out the job over a couple of weeks.

What did the job entail?

  • Install a serial device server, namely the Moxa NPort 5450;
  • Transfer the serial NMEA data (heading, GPS and AIS) from the AIS transponder and NMEA buffer box;
  • Connect the AIS transponder and NMEA buffer box to the Moxa;
  • Ensure the Moxa converts the NMEA data strings into network UDP data, as this data is needed for their new Onboard fuel monitoring system.

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