Castor Marine offers a high speed Internet VSAT services to Superyacht and Megayachts, with support locations around the globe to prove any assistance required.

We offer reliable connectivity with global coverage, which is flexible and adjustable to your needs. Castor Marine provides you with a complete solution for your vessel. You have a wide choice in dedicated or shared internet with several contention ratios. With speeds up to 100Mbps download and 20Mbps upload.

Castor offers you the flexibility to adjust your connection whenever needed, our contracts offer flexible terms and temporary upgrades for periods where Owners and Guests are on-board and need a faster connection. Our solutions have increased resistance against shadows and blockages, due to its dual beam solution with automatic beam switching.

Castor Marine understands the high demands from Superyacht owners and managers. With its VVIP service, Castor Marine offers pro-active alerting on any kind of connectivity or IT issue that the Castor Marine NOC might detect. We will call your captain or contact person and pre-alert him on possible changes in the service. Castor Marine works closely together with Audio Visual partners in the super yacht industry and support requests for TV streaming.

Finally, it is all about support. To get the assistance when you need it and talk to installers and maintenance people on site with experience in the super and Megayacht industry.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Castor will guide you through our selection process to ensure that you get the perfect balance between price and performance, independent if you want basic VSAT Telephony, email and text communication or a broadband service that includes crew welfare and business offshore. Castor Marine has large variety to choose from, get in contact for further information.

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