VSAT Telephony

The Telephony over VSAT is a telephony service optimized to work with Castor VSAT services. It offers business grade voice call quality with the benefits of low costs per call. When a call is set-up, we allocate dedicated bandwidth, optimized for our Telephone services, ensuring high quality clear calls.

Save on outbound calling

The Telephony over VSAT service allows Outbound calls with competitive rates to fixed and mobile destinations worldwide allowing customers to save significantly on costs for voice calling compared to an Inmarsat or Iridium service.

Save on inbound calls

The use of a local number allows users to make calls from a Yacht to land for the equivalent cost of a local call. Standard a Dutch local number is provided, but local numbers from more than 55 countries worldwide can be selected. Click on the coverage list to find out more.

Local numbers are reachable from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and we forward the calls from the PSTN to the Yachts over IP. Each assigned telephone number is charged at a fixed monthly rate. The caller will be charged a local per-minute rate by the callers Telecom Operator. There is no limit on the length of calls or number of calls made each month.

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