Managed IT system optimized for VSAT services using cloud technology

INFINITY is the most advanced Maritime IT solution that can be used on ships equipped with Castor Marine VSAT service, Iridium Openport or Fleetbroadband service. INFINITY solution includes:

  • Crew Calling & Crew Internet based on PIN or registered users
  • WAN Optimization including Web surfing with compression, advertisement removal and caching on-board
  • Web Accelerator allowing users to choose between Light and Normal Internet surfing modes
  • Advanced Firewall including fleet-wide rules capability, File Type filtering, set filtering web according to your company policy
  • Advanced content Filtering block/ time limit categories (for example social media only between 6 and 10 PM vessel time)
  • Voice-over-IP enabling savings on Ship-to-shore telephony or Ship-to-shipping company telephony
  • Centralized Management through a web interface. All changes applied are updated on the fly automatically.
  • Office Integration: optional full integration of office ERP systems with those on-board using SOAP/XML
  • High Level Security: Security and Audit trail using different levels of authentication and logging
  • Web-manageable Virtualization On-board: any kind of virtual machine can be installed on-board
  • Virtual LAN’s: split and isolate a vessel’s network into network segments for various user groups with different firewall rules
  • VPN Connectivity: VPN connectivity between ship and office and between ships
  • Vessel Position, speed and heading calculation and status reporting
  • Reporting IP traffic in real time for both inbound and outbound traffic

Infinity is comprised of the following components:

  • A rugged industrial standard onboard computer or server(s).
  • A virtual server uploaded with proprietary software, located onshore (using “Cloud ”technology).
  • A web interface through to manage, control and monitor the INFINITY units


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