Maritime VSAT Services

Castor Marine offers a complete satellite communications portfolio to provide High Speed Internet and IP Connectivity services to optimize vessel operations, enhance Crew Welfare, and boost safety on board.

We help customers in offshore, seismic, dredging business, shipping companies, yacht owners, yacht management companies and captains to stay connected to the Internet and their corporate networks, with cost efficient solutions with predictable monthly charges to cut expenses.

Castor Marine offers flexible, and scalable VSAT service packages based on cutting edge technology. High Speed Internet service providing excellent value for money service, with a large variety of additional services to choose from, allowing for an end-to-end solution that fulfills your needs.

Independent if it’s for day-to-day use such as emailing, web-surfing, and downloading or a dedicated high bandwidth connection up to 100 Mbps. We provide you, your guests and crew a complete solution at competitive prices.

We offer both Shared Internet and Dedicated Internet packages. Shared services are budget friendly, we guarantee a minimum speed but also factor in the possibility of reaching a quicker connection. We pride ourselves on this, however we make sure we do not overload our networks, by changing the size of the overall network very frequently to ensure there is sufficient capacity.

Our sales team will explain everything in the selection process of VSAT services, that way we guarantee the most cost effective solution. As a customer you can opt for access to our customer portal enabling you to see real time usage as well as the historic bandwidth usage. Castor Marine VSAT services are based on iDirect Evolution technology, the number one technology supplier in the maritime segment due its efficiency and advanced configurations. Castor Marine support also the newest X7 modems allowing for even higher speeds.

Castor Marine offers the possibility of a monthly adjustable package which offers customers maximum flexibility. With Adapt you have the option to choose the internet rates on month-to-month basis. With more flexibility and scalability, our Adapt services are the perfect solution for seasonal use or just too simply change the speed as needed. You have guaranteed, and unlimited internet access at best possible speeds and rates, as well as the flexibility to choose when to activate the service. 

We offer different package choices, and our Sales Department will transparently guide you through the services in our portfolio, ensuring the best fit to your requirements.


As owner operator of both the teleport and platforms, we can truly guarantee our Service Levels
Flexibility to adjust the service to your requirements whenever needed
Extensive 24/7 NOC support and certified installers in key areas for on-board support
Cost effective, with extensive coverage
Overlapping beams in key regions to overcome mast blockage or other line of sight issues
Automatic beam switching
High-speed internet access, with either a dedicated or shared services
Firewall security
Critical applications (data, voice and video) are optimized through the use of quality of service (QoS)
VSAT Telephony line included with Crew Calling PINs
Over-the-top TV services and optimized service for TV streaming

Ku-band VSAT coverage
C-band VSAT coverage
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