3G/4G Internet for Vessels and Yachts

Vessels and Yachts can enjoy 3G/4G mobile connectivity bringing faster bandwidth on-board at lower costs. Castor Marine provides up to 500GB inclusive data per month per sim. However, usage can continue beyond this, minimizing any unnecessary loss of service.

Castor Marine provides a 3G/4G solution that reduces Mobile roaming charges for both voice and data. Our 3G/4G maritime services are tailored to the needs of the maritime industry and therefore provide the best mobile 3G/4G roaming solutions for sailing. Our tariffs can incorporate either voice & data or data only solutions

We offer flexible 3G/4G data packages tailored to the seasonal requirements of the yachting industry. And our unique offering generates significant savings when compared to standard 3G/4G solutions.

For commercial vessels we help reduce Fleetbroadband costs and high mobile roaming bills as we offer one 3G/4G tariff for usage across Europe. We can implement a Crew Welfare solution with data caps for individual crew members on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. For a fleet of vessels, we offer Fleet Data packages which are shared between multiple vessels.


3G/4G data packages can be altered on a monthly basis
One Stop Shop Solution - we handle all your mobile requirements and provide technical assistance
Cost effective, with one SIM & tariff for usage across Europe
High-speed internet access, with 4G roaming available in the majority of countries
Alerts can be set up to monitor usage
Telephony services can be provided including Crew Calling PINs

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