Castor Marine designs, implements and supports IT solutions on vessels and offshore installations that integrate seamlessly with the connectivity services onboard. Smaller fleet owners can fully outsource their IT services to Castor Marine who will act as the customer’s IT department. Castor Marine IT support is not only remote, our staff has BOSIET, HUET, MIST and H2S certification (Falck) and a Seamansbook allowing for fast onboard support.

One-stop-shop solution for IT and Communication

IT and communication services are optimally coordinated with one point of contact, removing the need to unify multiple suppliers to arrive at the optimal solution.

IT Network design & security

Castor Marine designs IT and Wi-Fi networks onboard and the WAN network between the vessels and headquarters onshore. Castor Marine also provides project guidance for the IT infrastructure for new builds vessels or refits.

Managed maritime IT Services

By outsourcing the IT maintenance and support to Castor Marine you are ensured of a cost-effective solution and reduced risk through a standardized operation. Managed IT services include systems monitoring, periodic health checks, end-user support, hardware replacements, inventory control and dedicated IT staff. Our Managed IT Services will align your IT services with your maritime business and improve end-user experience allowing you to focus on your core business.


Our specialization in the field of CCTV on vessels protects your staff, freight and assets. Our CCTV systems allow investigation and analysis of incidents, such as damage incurred while loading, as well as learning from near miss-accidents. CCTV cameras can help to see areas hidden from the bridge, both during the day and at night. Castor Marine has already installed many CCTV solutions on coasters and offshore ships, ranging from a simple real-time camera to advanced systems with PTZ cameras recording picture, time and GPS position.

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