Castor Networks launches new worldwide one stop shop formula for maritime IT and communication after takeover Watum Solutions

The Netherlands, January 16, 2017 – Castor Networks has acquired Watum Solutions effective immediately, a prominent supplier of IT networks and satellite communication for the shipping and offshore industry. Watum Solutions is specialized in designing, installing and maintaining IT and VSAT systems on board of commercial vessels, offshore vessels and drilling platforms and is active in Europe, Africa, the Mexican Gulf, the Caribbean Sea and the Middle-East.

By integrating Watum in Castor, a one stop shop for the shipping and maritime industry is created, which allows these customers to rely on Castor for both their complete offshore and onshore IT and communication solutions. The most important benefit for customers is that IT and communication services are optimally coordinated and that they have only one point of communication, so that they do not have to spend time and energy unifying multiple suppliers to arrive at the optimal solution. In addition, the takeover ensures that Castor becomes one of the prominent suppliers worldwide in the field of maritime communication solutions, as of now.

Castor’s CEO Ivo Veldkamp: “Castor is hard at work to become a prominent supplier of worldwide maritime IT and communication solutions. We already offered worldwide Ku-band VSAT, L-band and 3G/4G coverage for maritime customers and now we can also offer them integrated IT services and support.”

Mark Olthuis, managing director at Watum Solutions: “The new one stop shop service is a very beneficial development for our customers. We already had a long-time partnership with Castor and have seen the synergy between both companies for some time. The full integration of both companies ensures that customers can also maximally profit from this!”

Background information Watum Solutions

Watum Solutions BV (Watum) was founded in 2001 and is specialized in IT and communication solution on board of ships and drilling platforms, where Watum often effectively takes on the role of IT department for its customers. As such, Watum is a well-known name within the industry and is regarded as reliable and solution-oriented company. All Watum IT and VSAT engineers are equipped with extensive training and certificates to operate at sea. See

Background information Castor Networks

Castor Networks is a global prominent provider of VSAT, L-band and teleport services for NGOs, the energy industry, the mining industry and the maritime industry. For this, Castor operates its own teleport in Burum (the Netherlands). For its customers, Castor wants to be the preferred supplier of reliable communication and IT services and focusses on long-term relations; some customers have been so for over 15 years. Castor’s main office is in De Meern, The Netherlands. In addition, Castor has offices in South Africa, South Sudan, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo. See

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