Castor Marine Offshore VSAT service offers a total managed solution for the Offshore Market that enables secure corporate networking, VSAT Telephony, broadband Internet and real-time data and video. Offshore VSAT includes network design, equipment, service and support.

The Offshore VSAT services provides Energy, Dredging and other Specialized offshore Companies with reliable communications allowing its remote crews to send critical data back to shore and provides experts onshore with real-time information that enables them to make decisions impact drilling operations. The service is designed for connectivity on Rigs, Oil Platform, Offshore Support Vessels, Offshore Barges, Heavy-lift Vessels, Anchor Handling Vessels, Drilling Vessels, Well Intervention Vessels, Dredging Vessels, Ice Breaking Vessels, Cable Laying Vessels and Seismic Vessels.

Castor Marine offers the flexibility required by the nature of the offshore energy industry as assets are continually moving to new regions and temporary solutions or upgrades are only required on project basis.

High Speed internet and reliable connectivity service, with increased advanced resistance against shadows and blockages through alternative satellite beam in most regions. This service allows for business grade communications, as well as constant connection with HQ and therefore enhancing operational efficiency. We provide connectivity up to 100mbps. Flexible contract terms and temporary upgrades are available to maximize cost efficiency.

We offer dedicated and shared services, with several different contention ratios to choose from. Also the choice of single vessel link or private network, which allows for multiple ships to be in the same network and sharing bandwidth with each other.

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